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How much does water quality count when it comes to preparing espresso? A lot, if you consider that water makes up 98% of every cup of coffee. Making sure your machine receives proper lime scaling is a way to guarantee constant quality, perfect taste and optimal cream and body.

Espresso preparation is influenced by the presence of chloride and of undesirable odors – particularly sulfites, which have a direct impact on the perception of flowers and fresh fruit – and by calcium and magnesium salts (lime), which determine water hardness. Given the importance of calcium in obtaining body as well as an elastic and stable cream, harder water generally favors the quality of coffee, but it also interferes with the need to keep the machine functioning efficiently.

In order to guarantee a perfect sensory profile, some innovative methods have been developed, consisting mainly of filters that combine protection against lime buildup with the removal of undesirable substances, so as not to compromise the sensory quality of the coffee or the metallic parts of the machine. Thanks to the application of the BWT water+more filter system, Astoria machines allow the user to obtain an excellent tasting coffee that is also healthier to consume.


The multifunctional BWT filter system protects the vital parts of the machine and guarantees more vapor production, even at low temperatures. It consists of cartridges which, once exhausted, are 100% recyclable, keeping in line with Astoria’s Green vision.



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